What can I do with Vigour Video?

With the additional screen space and smart combination of device capabilities service providers can create innovative value-added experiences for multiscreen scenarios. Secondary devices can be used to display supporting content, promote sponsored content or engage users in interactive advertising or shopping experiences.

Use cases

Devices always display an interface state that is relevant to the context of the user. A phone or tablet can be used as a 'regular' interface when used on a bus stop, but turn into a remote controller, e-commerce platform or a second screen browsing device in the living room. In a Vigour Video interface devices change roles naturally and intuitively, so that users can stay focused on their content.


Sports broadcasters are amongst the most progressive in pushing advanced technology to their audiences and sports fans are amongst the hungriest consumers of video across screens


Now that the living room TV is no longer the ‘centre of the entertainment universe’ operators have to reevaluate their distribution models.


Vigour Video is for broadcasters of video content who want to provide their users with a more engaging entertainment experience.

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