A worldclass OTT Platform, build for multiscreen from its very core

Vigour Video runs on a unique technology platform that targets any connected device from a single codebase. To enable a native performance and experience for each platform, we developed a front-end technology that was designed for multiscreen interaction from its very core. Different devices are seamlessly connected to each other trough our light-weight cloud service.

The new generation of interfaces requires a unique platform

We understand that as content providers, our clients often have a large infrastructure in place, and our multiscreen OTT solution needs to fit snugly in-between existing parts. At the same time some clients may want to have all aspects of their product running on-premise. This is why the Vigour cloud is built to connect to 3rd party API's for a multitude of purposes such as user login or pushing updates in app content.

Bring your service to every platform

The development and maintenance of individual applications for different platforms is becoming prohibitive for even the largest operators and media companies. Vigour drastically cuts development and maintenance cost as it delivers multiscreen client applications to every screen in- or outside the house using a single code-base.


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